Representation | Evolution Music Partners - Seth Kaplan

Born to an Indian father and a Danish mother and raised in Montreal's Italian quarter, Ram's cultural heritage is almost as diverse as his musical background.

Starting out as a drummer in an experimental punk / speed metal band, he went on to study classical composition, orchestration and electro-acoustic music at McGill University.

Ram finds endless inspiration from his vast record collection of over 15,000 vinyl LPs. The diversity of his archive and his eclectic mixing style led Ram to tour internationally as a DJ, performing alongside legendary artists such as Andy Smith (Portishead), The Chemical Brothers, Femi Kuti, Stereolab, Kruder & Dorfmeister and Amon Tobin.

The sum of his experiences have molded him into a multi-instrumentalist with an encyclopedic knowledge of music history and a detailed understanding of musical styles. His collection of vintage synthesizers & studio gear, custom made electronics and percussion / acoustic instruments from around the world, are all part of his diverse palette and distinct musical voice.