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Born to an Indian father and a Danish mother and raised in Montreal's Italian quarter, Ram's diverse cultural heritage is matched only by the sheer scope of his musical achievements. And perhaps by the size of his vinyl collection...

An avid record collector since his teens, Ram's early obsession has grown into an impressive archive of over 15,000 LPs, spanning every style and era imaginable. This unique insight into musical genres and his own colorful past have nurtured his ability to blend a wide range of modern classical styles in his award-winning scores.

Starting out as the drummer for experimental punk / speed metal band Hazy Azure, Ram then trained formally in classical percussion and jazz vibraphone, and studied composition, orchestration and electro-acoustic music at McGill University. His additional work in ethnomusicology was driven by his passion for music and instruments from around the world.

Ram went on to tour internationally as a DJ - performing alongside artists like Andy Smith (Portishead), The Chemical Brothers and Femi Kuti. He's contributed to a mosaic of musical projects ranging from producing an award-winning Bulgarian gypsy album to collaborating with Metallica's Jason Newsted and metal icons Voivod.

Ram brings this creative flexibility to his imaginative scores, and effortlessly moves between modern orchestral writing, post-rock soundscapes, lyrical melodies and modular synth textures. Having composed for a AAA video-game and over 100 film, TV and documentary scores, Ram is constantly expanding his musical universe and pushing the boundaries of his craft.